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WWF for private use.

Save selected documents in WWF format: emails, websites, messages, CVs, invitations. This avoids unnecessary printing and helps save forests from destruction. Encourage a new awareness about the use of paper – send your docs as WWF.



- With the WWF software you can easily create your own WWF documents.
- With the software, the option “SAVE AS WWF” is shown in the print menu as an alternative to the installed printers.
- WWF docs are shown with the WWF file symbol.
- In the MAC version you can change any documents you want to WWF format using a WWF converter in the dock.
- A page is automatically added to the end of each WWF document, explaining the purpose of the new WWF file format to first-time users.


System requirements:

- MAC system requirements: G4, 10.4 (Tiger) or better.
- PC system requirements: Dual-Core, Windows XP/SP3 or better.
- The speed will vary depending on the processor and the installed RAM will affect the maximum size of the PDFs being converted.

Language versions:
German, English, Spanish, French


Please note:

Using WWF software allows you to insert the WWF’s buttons. This does not make you an official WWF Germany partner.